What Clients are Saying

Cassie supported me through unmedicated labor- walking, standing and moving, back massage, involving my husband in techniques, bouncing on a yoga ball, words of encouragement. She was a great support and really helped me get through it all. I felt blinded by pain at times and without her getting me to try the above techniques I’m not sure how I would have lasted! I wasn’t sure I really needed a doula but definitely did and I’m so glad to have had Cassie there.
— Erin K., Chicago

Cassie provided emotional, spiritual and physical support during labor as well as during prenatal and postpartum visits. She helped me through my toughest contractions with methods and advised me to keep my spirits up and keep with my personal game plan. I couldn’t have asked for a better doula than Cassie.

In our personal case Cassie would get a 10 out of 10. She provided me with every possible method that would work for me. I felt that she made a custom plan based on me and my husbands wishes—everything from breathing exercises to standing and rocking back and forth with my husband. She was on point with her technique. She is the best!
— Cecilia A., Chicago

My husband, JP, and I recently welcomed our first child, Magnolia, into our family. Despite thinking our birth plan was set and that we’d be fine on our own, when we heard that Cassie was looking for births to observe for her class, we thought it would be a great idea to have some extra help. Our daughter decided to wait until after Cassie had completed her training, so Cassie was fully able to assist.

Before the actual labor, she checked in to see how I was feeling, how my midwives’ visits went, and helped when I was stressing about going passed my due date. When I was eventually induced, Cassie stayed in touch until labor was really progressing. She arrived at 3:30 am, when JP and I were both exhausted, fresh and ready to help. She was able to assist me with positioning suggestions, massages, reassuring me of the process. She was able to assist JP by reminding him to stay focused, to encourage me, to step in when he needs to step out for a second. I was really grateful that she thought to have JP move to a different position so that I could look at him when I was contracting. We loved that she thought to snap pictures of our first moments with our daughter. I really appreciated how she talked to me through the placenta delivery and stayed while things settled down.

After we were home, she checked in via text and in person, to see how our first few days were going. We are forever grateful to have stumbled upon the opportunity to work with Cassie. You won’t regret asking for her calm and positive presence to assist you in your labor.
— Julia H., Chicago